Infill Solutions for Existing Installations

If you want to update an existing or infill a new balustrade

We can supply tension wires and glass for all types of design

Infill Solutions

Perfect solutions for timber or steel posts


Update an existing balustrade


Some of the clamps for mounting glass on your posts

Tension wire

We can supply or fit wire assemblies for your project

Tension wire

Our dual thread screw system is very popular for timber posts


Options & Information

Wire solutions:

We make to order stainless steel and galvanized wire assemblies with a wide range of end terminations suitable for connecting to or through almost anything.  We are happy to advise on what would be suitable for your project.  You may be interested in our dedicated WIRE ASSEMBLY SITE

For timber posts our most common solution would be 4mm stainless steel tension wires with dual threaded screws. You can find more information and order these from our ONLINE STORE


Glass Solutions:

Glass can be fitted most balustrades wether you’ve got a new project or updating an existing.  The simplest method to do this is fit glass clamps to your uprights, these come in a range of styles and finishes. Get in touch if you’d like advice or a quote

Complete System:

This page is designed to give you some infill ideas for your own balustrade. If you require a complete balustrade system please look here

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