Bespoke Balustrade Systems

Design – Manufacture – Supply / Installation


Our Standard Systems

A range of wire and glass infill options available

Horizontal Tension Wire Infill

Horizontal wires give an open spacious feel. Easy to look after and great value.

Vertical Tension Wire Infill

Vertical wires are a great alternative to traditional railings. They meet regulations where required and are easy to look after.

Toughened Glass - Posts and Top Rail

This system has a handrail for comfort and safety. The strong toughened glass is held between posts with clamps.

Toughened and Laminated Glass - Posts Without Top Rail

For clean lines and maximum view this system is ideal. We use toughened laminated glass for extra safety in this design.

Frameless Without Top Rail

No uprights or handrail, this system is as minimal as they come. The aluminum base channel can be left on show or hidden in the deck for great effect.

Frameless With Top Rail

If you want the same modern frameless design but prefer a handrail to hold onto or lean on, the same system can cater for that.

Toughened And Laminated Glass Juliette

A clean design for making safe your juliette balconies.

Vertical Tension Wire Juliette

Open up your room by using this vertical wire design for your juliette.

Square Tension Wire System

Our horizontal wire system is also available with square uprights and handrail.

Square Glass System

Our toughened glass system is also available with square uprights and handrail.


Options & Information

Advice and Guidance:

Just call if you have any questions about product selection or wish to chat over an idea or potential project


We will assist in all ways to ensure that your balustrade is designed to meet your needs precisely. We can produce a drawing to see your design before manufacture


All balustrades are made to order in our workshop

Supply or Installation:

We can supply balustrades ready for installation by yourself or your builder.  All balustrades are shipped un-assembled and components marked and cross referenced to a dimensional drawing. We are happy to help with guidance on the install or aftercare. We can also offer our own installation service

Stainless Steel Options:

Internal (304 grade) or external (316 grade)
Brushed or polished finish
48mm or 42mm dia tube
Top mounted or side mounted



Wire Options:

Typically we would use a 4mm dia tension wire system, but we can accommodate other sizes if required

Glass Options:

Toughened glass 8 / 10 / 12mm
Toughened laminated glass 12.76 / 17.52 / 21.52mm
Clear or obscure sand blasted

Additional Information:

All our balustrades are a modular system in that post and rail intersections use bonded components rather than being welded

We can provide load ratings and test data on request

We understand that the number of systems and options can be overwhelming.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like advise on which design is best suited to your project

We are here to help

Contact us for advice or a quote on any project



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